Laptop Repair

Worried about a damaged laptop? Let Fone Tech Ipswich take away your concerns. We can repair your laptop regardless of the issue

Phone Repair

Are you concerned about a broken phone? There is no need to be if you are in Ipswich - just drop by our Fone Tech store, and one of our skilled technicians will have it back working as soon as possible and at an affordable price

Tablet Repair

Is Your Broken Tablet Running Your Movie-Watching? Fone Tech Can Sort It. It is not just the enjoyment of watching movies or using your favourite apps that suffers when your tablet is damaged.

Smartwatch Repair

Fone Tech is the place to get your smartwatch fixed in Ipswich. We can repair Huawei Watches, Samsung Smart Watches, and Apple Watches, with all work being carried out by our team of skilled, experienced, and certified technicians